Hello, I'm Evan Roberts


I'm a certified Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, a Yoga, Meditation, and Breathwork teacher certified through Universal Yoga, and the host of the Elemental Evan Show Podcast. Sharing health knowledge and empowering people to create a healthy change in their lives is my passion. Let's create your healthy lifestyle today!

My Story


Since the age of 7, I've dealt with gut issues from severe stomach cramps, to being diagnosed lactose intolerant, and having irritable bowel syndrome. I used to let my gut issues dictate how I lived my life from not eating before or during a long car ride to always worrying about where a restroom was. I believed that these issues were just a part of me and I would have to deal with them for life (that's what the doctors told me at 8 years old)!


That is until a teacher of mine in high school introduced me to various health books and films that were more focused on your diet and lifestyle and less on what pills would help to treat the discomfort caused by diet. For years I worked on dialing in my diet from eating mainly a plant-based diet to keto. Through trial and error, I've discovered what diet works best for me and my digestive system.


Fast forward to today, I have healed my gut almost completely (gut flora test via Viome). I now have the freedom of eating when I want, how I want, and where I want without having to stress about a restroom being nearby. Through healing my gut I found that we are too focused on treating symptoms and not the root causes of our ailments. The only way to truly heal ourselves is to change our habits. This means eating clean Whole Foods that strengthen your gut as opposed to destroying it, creating a daily movement for our bodies, and learning to manage our stress and relationships better.


Reflecting on my childhood, it would have been invaluable to have a health coach who knew the information I know now, which is why I've chosen to make it my mission to help you heal your body from the ground up and not just treat your symptoms. If you're ready to improve your health drastically without any side effects then please reach out to me so we can build your healthy lifestyle today!  


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