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Health Coaching

Are you ready to make those health changes you've been dreaming of? Then this is the program for you! With 1:1 health coaching you receive a custom built health program that's designed to fit specifically your health needs.

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Elemental 7-Day Health Reset

Feeling off? Out of rhythm with your bodies natural cycles? Maybe you just need a quick reset? This course was designed to be short, concise, and to the point. Specifically made for anyone who's not ready for 1:1 coaching but needs a powerful health reset.

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Elemental Evan Show Podcast

Looking for a fun and enjoyable way to stay on top of all the new health information? In this podcast I make it my mission to break down complex health information in a digestible manner that anyone can understand and enjoy.

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Why Health Coaching?


  • About 659,000 people die every year in the United States from heart disease (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention-CDC).


  • In 2019, 599,601 people died in the United States from cancer (CDC).


  • Poor diet is the number one cause of our epidemics of diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and obesity (Journal of the American Medical Association). 


  • Poor diet kills 11 million people around the world every year (The Lancet).


  • We are the most chronically diseased nation in the history of documented human civilization (Shawn Stevenson). 


We can change these statistics and it all starts with you!


Changing these statistics may seem daunting, but they don't have to be.

Just as Gandhi said "Be the change you wish to see in the world", you can be the person that breaks the cycle of unhealthy habits and poor lifestyle choices that have created these unfortunate statistics.

 To change the cycle of poor lifestyle choices, you'll need to not only focus on the food you're eating but also on your mental health such as stress management, your relationships, and your movement practices.

Knowing how to make all of these changes can take years of studying with a lot of trial and error. That's where I come in!

As a certified Health Coach, Yoga Meditation & Breath work teacher, and host of the Elemental Evan Show Podcast I've made it my mission in life to  study and understand where our current diets and lifestyles are failing to create sustainable practices that will increase your lifespan, minimize the risk for serious disease, and create a happier you!

You are one step away from achieving those health goals you've always wanted and being the best possible version of yourself. 

Click the link below to schedule a free health consultation with me so we can begin developing your personalized health program that's specific to you!

1:1 Health Coaching

Health Coaching sounds cool but I don't have any serious health issues so why should I use a Health Coach?


Health Coaching isn't meant to specifically cure any disease, but rather prevent them from ever happening through creating healthy and sustainable lifestyle habits. My goal is to help show you the way to better health while holding you accountable and keeping you consistent!

Read below to see what are some common health issues that I address in my 1:1 Health Coaching programs


A In the 12 and 24 week programs you'll be given a custom made meal plan specific to your dietary needs. You'll learn about which foods nourish the body, which ones harm the body, how to have a healthy relationship with food, fasting and it's benefits, and how to eat for longevity.

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Mental Health

At Elemental Health + Wellness we recognize that health isn't just about eating healthy and working out. Health needs to be addressed from a whole perspective. That's why in our 12 and 24 week programs we make it a point to focus on your mental health, stress management techniques, relationships, spirituality and more. You're a unique individual and your health coaching program should be just as unique as you are. 

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With desk jobs, long commutes, and long hours at work, movement has become increasingly important. Movement in all forms is crucial to a healthy lifestyle and is therefore a key part of the 12 and 24 week programs. Don't worry you don't need a gym membership to move unless that's something you enjoy. All you need are some comfortable clothes, a good attitude, and consistency to achieve a healthy movement practice!

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What's Included in a Health Coaching Program?

Each program is subject to variation depending on the individual. Since your body, your health concerns, and health goals are different from everyone else's, your Health Coaching Program is going to be different as well. At Elemental Health + Wellness there aren't any cookie cutter 1:1 programs because we address each client as a unique individual and not just another number. However, the things that you can expect from you Health Coaching Program are:

Custom Meal Plan

You'll receive your own personal meal plan that's designed around your health goals, dietary restrictions, and accessibility.  

Weekly Check-ins

Every week you'll complete a check in form to keep you accountable, consistent, and dialed in on your health goals. This is a good chance to see your progress and set new goals!

1:1 Coaching Calls

Along with the weekly check-ins, you'll also receive 1:1 coaching calls with Evan to dive deep into your progress, struggles and wins. Take this opportunity to ask about any concerns you've been having and learn from a certified Health Coach! 

24 Week Program

Our most popular plan

  • Custom Meal, Exercise, and Stress Management Plan
  • Weekly Check-ins
  • 1:1 Coaching Calls
  • Free Access to the Elemental 7 Day Health Reset 


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